The Barn
Our happy bees produce beautiful HONEY. Left raw in it's natural form allows the fullness of health benefits by retaining all the natural vitamins, enzymes and other nutritional elements. The natural health experts and community believe that raw honey from local sources is beneficial for treating allergies and being most beneficial for the immune system.
Bulk herbal TEAS
Local Raw HONEY
Farm Fresh....
Farm fresh EGGS
Just a few of the fun surprises awaiting in The Barn Shoppe...
We offer fresh organic HERBAL TEA blends in bulk. These teas are known for their quality, flavor profiles and health benefits. With delicious flavors such as Cinnamon Apricot, Lemon Mint and Chocolate Chai, you can really enjoy relaxing with a fragrant cup. Tea supplies also available.
Our happy flock of free range chickens are fed only the healthiest organic grains and produce delicious large brown eggs. Pets with benefits!
All Natural Soaps
We are so fortunate to have a local Green Bluff soap maker. G&G creates luxury bath products of the highest quality with All Natural products are used including herbs from right here at Willowpond. The incredible fragrance of Green Bluff Pear, Apple and Cucumber linger sweetly in the Shoppe.
farm fresh...
Pottery Classes
Herb Prep
& Storage
Plants Anonymous
T-Shirts & Apparel
Are you a Plantaholic? Proudly display your love for all things GARDEN with these awesome Tees created by Montana designer Judi Tyacke. Check them out and take the Dirt Test!
Original Water-Colors
by Dianne Ricco
All Diane's work is inspired by nature with her rendition of various native birds done in soft colors. Framed originals & unframed Giclee prints available.
Sharrie Donough
100 Year Wool Braided Rugs
Athol Orchards
Apple Cider Syrup
Spiced Apple Cider Syrup
Sharrie creates each rug with precision by hand
Herbs Prep/ Storage & Other Kitchen Gadgetry

đź’ 100% Wool
đź’ High Quality
đź’ Durable
đź’ Washable
đź’ Stain Resistant
100% Unfiltered